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A way to set up *conditional* click tracking?

tomjonesrocks 07-22-14

A way to set up *conditional* click tracking?

I'm running an A/B/C test where I want to test clicks comparing 3 different call-to-action buttons, and how many of those that clicked my buttons ultimately clicked a button completing an order at the end of a cart flow (clicked an Order Submit Button).


Right now all I'm figuring out how to track is these buttons independently (I have my experiment set up as a Multi-page test).


So right now I know how many users clicked my A/B/C buttons, and how many that SAW my button later ultimately clicked an order submit button. But I don't have the conditional piece I need--basically I don't care about how many clicked my Order Submit button UNLESS they also *clicked* my call-to-action earlier in the flow.


Is there a way to set up this if/else condition at all on my Order Submit button?  The data I'm getting now is currently pretty meaningless.


Let me know if I explained what I'm trying to accomplish poorly...

Amanda 07-23-14

Re: A way to set up *conditional* click tracking?

Hey @tomjonesrocks - Check out the community post here (it's discussing a very similar topic). @Gus and @Josh had good suggestions! @tarapon , did you end up implementing a solution for your question? 


If linking the goals is necessary for you, one way to link goals in the way you are suggesting is to drop a cookie on click of the inital buttons and then trigger a custom event on the Order Submit button only if the other CTAs were clicked and the cookie exists. 


Does this help answer your question? Let us know if you think this will do the trick! Happy to help brainstorm additional ideas if need be.