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AMP Experiment

Roman-Delcarmen 01-20-17
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AMP Experiment

I created the AMP version of my website

but a have a lot of question about it.

I want to run an A/B test (redirect experiment) 

Version A - > (bootstrap version)

Version B - > (amp version)


But as I know AMP allows a/b test but I do not know how?

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rockymcg 01-24-17

Re: AMP Experiment

Hi Roman,

When you say AMP, are you referring to Accelerated Mobile Platform? This is not an Optimizely product, so I wouldn't be sure how to run an A/B test with it. It looks like there are some web tutorials for running A/B tests with AMP, so those might be worth checking out.


If you wanted to A/B test between a standard mobile page, and your AMP page, you could use Optimizely to do a redirect test; you would just need to make sure that your AMP page had a different URL than you standard mobile page.






Re: AMP Experiment

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Hi @rockymcg

You are right when I talk about AMP I'm talking about Accelerated Mobile Platform.

I understand the process to setup an A/B test but my point is that AMP does not allow third party scripts

such as  Crazyegg, Optimizely, Optinmonster etc.


So how Optimizely is going to track the goals if we don't have the snipped code installed on AMP


As know the only way to make AMP test is using TAG MANAGER, so I will start to set it up my experiments with 

TAG MANAGER Note: I'm not a Tag Manager Guru so I need to investigate first.


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sandeep89 05-29-18

Re: AMP Experiment

This has likely come a long way since you last looked at it, but your initial assertion was wrong. You don't need amp-experiment if you're redirecting users from your Bootstrap-built page. That's where Optimizely would sit, and redirect as normal.

To track user conversion, you can use amp-pixel.


The point of AMP pages is largely to take the weight off initial page loads though, which you wouldn't achieve with a redirect test.