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Active an experiment on click

rin 06-09-15

Active an experiment on click


how can I set the activation on click event on a button?

I don't understand how the manual and conditional activations work.


Thank a lot for the support.


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JDahlinANF 06-09-15

Re: Active an experiment on click

Use Case for Manual Activation:

When a user clicks a specific link that "opts them into a test".

Like, if you have an experiment that affects the "logged in" user experience (altered top-navigation), when your website detects that they have logged in, you want to manually activate the experiment for that user.


Use Case for Conditional Activation:

When a user clicks "Quick View" and a modal appears on the page, and your experiment alters the appearance of the modal.  Since you want to measure performance differences in only users who actually see the modal, use conditional activation.


In some cases, you could use either one:

The modal example... you could manually activate the experiment when a user clicks on a link that generates the modal.

The difference is, "would you rather activate on the click" or "activate when the modal appears".  If you have lots of different links that generate Quick View modals, it may be easier to do "conditional".  Also, sometimes modals just "happen" (like, when a page loads, there may be an email sign up modal.  Since there is no "event" for you to listen for, you could listen for the HTML to exist on the page).



If you are altering the elements inside the modal, you will need to use Conditional because you want to chagne something that does not exist until a specific point in time.


 If you want to apply CSS type changes that alter the presence of the modal, these changes only need to be applied once and every time the modal appears the new CSS will take effect.  In this case, you can use either Manual or Conditional.

JDahlinANF 06-09-15

Re: Active an experiment on click

If you are asking the more literal question "how do I?"...


Check this article for

About a quarter of the way down, there is a heading "Changing your experiment's activation mode" that shows screen shots of how to set up the experiment as either Manual or Conditional