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Add to Cart Button Click Goals Not Tracking

jasonr 12-31-15

Add to Cart Button Click Goals Not Tracking

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 Hi, My experiments are not tracking click goals accurately. I've gone through all the troubleshooting steps and the only goals that are showing up in network tab of console are engagemnt. Diagnostic report is good, element tracking in editor is showing red outline around chosen click goals, but when I go to network tab in the console and click "add to cart" only 1 event shows which is engagement. Also I did make sure that click goal add to cart is my primary goal.  Seems to be the "add to cart" button specifically, as I created another click goal on the ingredients tab and it seems to be working. Any ideas why the add to cart button would not be trackable? Here is a link to a page we are testing. Website platform is volusion.Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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JDahlinANF 01-03-16

Re: Add to Cart Button Click Goals Not Tracking

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What is the binding you are using for your event?


On your "Home" page, click "Goals" and select your 'Add to Cart' goal.

In the "Type" column, I'll guess you set it to "click".

In the right-nav pane, there is a spot labeled "Tracked Elements".  Copy and paste that information here and I'll confirm if it is correct for your ATB button or not.


Incidentally, I noticed that I am not a member of any experiments on that page because everything I qualified for is "paused" (perhaps you have them off until you get this issue sorted out).

jasonr 01-04-16

Re: Add to Cart Button Click Goals Not Tracking

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I have unpaused the following experiment so you can view it...


And here is the tracked element for that goal...


  • .vCSS_input_addtocart

Yes, in the type column it is set to click.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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JDahlinANF 01-04-16

Re: Add to Cart Button Click Goals Not Tracking

@jasonr - Sorry, but I'm not able to detect what may be broken.


The selector you have for this goal appears to be correct for your page


and matches the setup of a similar click-based goal on my site:



Everything appears to be set up correctly (the ATB button matches what you pasted as the goal selector), but I do not see anything in the network console that would indicate that the goal is actually tracking correctly.


Does your plan allow you to submit a ticket for the support desk?


The optimizely snippet is relatively low on the page, so there ought not be issues with the element not existing on the page yet when the goal binding is set up.  



What I find odd about your setup is that you have the exact same CSS Selector defined for multiple goals.  Though this is odd, it should not be the source of your probalem - it will only be an issue if you run an experiment containing more than one of these identical-but-with-different-names goals (whereupon every ATB click would trigger both goals).




jasonr 01-05-16

Re: Add to Cart Button Click Goals Not Tracking

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After spending a lot of time on this again, it appears that the engagment goal is overriding the click goals on the "add to cart" and "add to wishlist" button below it, but not other click goals I have set up on the page.  I've always been sure that the click goal is primary. Now I've completely removed the engagement goal from the experiment to see if that would help, but it is still tracking engagement when you click the "add to cart" or "add to wishlist" buttons.  I've set up a new experiment for you to view with several different goals. I've set up 4 click goals all the same way. 1-Add to Cart button, 2- Add to wishlist button, 3- Ingredients Tab, 4- Suggested Use Tab.


Here is the url of the running experiment: 


You'll notice that 3 and 4 track accurately and fire the click goal with the appropriate name when they are clicked.  1 & 2 do not, rather they just show the engamgent goal being tracked   Also, note that the engagment goal has been removed from this experiemnt so I find it odd that it is still tracking at all.




Note- (For some reason they occasioanlly work and track both the click goal and engagement goal simultaneously, maybe 1 out of 10 times or less, you may be lucky, if this happens just try it again a few times and it will begin tracking engagemnt only again).

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