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An Important Update About the Optimizely Community Forum

aautrey4 06-07-19

An Important Update About the Optimizely Community Forum

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The Optimizely Community Forum will be in read-only mode starting Friday, Nov. 1 and will be redirected the week of Nov. 18-22. Users can view content, but can not post any new forum topics, posts, or replies. 


We want to thank all the Community Forum members for your support and knowledge over these past few years, and are looking forward to providing a better customer service experience by continuing these conversations in the appropriate channels:

  • Need Product/Technical Support? File a support ticket. Filing a standard support ticket means you’ll get a solution response faster, custom to your needs, and straight from our award-winning support team. Priority support includes additional channels like phone support and ensures responses are answered even faster. If you are interested in learning more about Priority Support, please click here.

  • Want to continue developer conversations?
    • For technical documentation, go to our developer documentation home page.
    • For developer-related questions, you can ask our Optimizely staff and larger developer community by posting a question on the Optimizely tag of Stack Overflow.
    • If you've built something interesting you'd like to share, open a pull request on our Optimizely Library.
    • If you have a particular issue or suggestion for an improvement on an SDK or any of our open source repositories, open an issue on the relevant Github repository

  • Have an idea for a product feature or enhancement? Reach out directly to your CSM. This ensures the idea is evaluated and prioritized appropriately in Optimizely’s monthly product meetings.

  • Want to learn more about optimization best practices? Join us at next year’s Opticon ‘20, watch our Webinars, read the Blog, and learn and discover on the Academy and KB.


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to share with