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Analyzing click goals with google analytics

paceanalytics 08-05-14

Analyzing click goals with google analytics



So, I set up my multivariate optmizely test and integrated google analytics. I figured out how to see metrics such as pageviews and time on site, but how do i see the amount of people that clicked my goal in google analytics?

MartijnSch 08-06-14

Re: Analyzing click goals with google analytics


You could do this easily by setting up event tracking for your goals clicks. You add an onclick event to the button and then it will send the event to Google Analytics where you'll be able to view this in your reports under Behavior. More information on setting up onclick events can be found here:
Kathryn 08-13-14

Re: Analyzing click goals with google analytics

Hi there,

As Martijn has said, the best way to view metrics such as click goals in Google Analytics is to set up a function on the element in question so that an event is fired to GA when the element is clicked. An example of what this would like look would be as follows:

$('#button').on('click', function() {
ga('send', 'event', 'button', 'click', 'nav-buttons');

In this case, whenever the element with an ID of button is clicked, a network request with the details of the click event will be sent to GA. This is pretty similar to how our goals work! Provided you've already integrated Optimizely with GA, you should be able to segment the results by variation within GA.