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Angular - Change button funcionality

lou 01-06-16

Angular - Change button funcionality



I'm using Optimizely and is working pretty fine; now I have to make a test changing a button functionality, this buttons have a ng-click that trigger a function on my controller, this function use some extra params on the current scope, what I want to do is change this functionality (using Optimizely) to open a $modal.


I was trying to access to my controller but I couldnt overwrite the current functionality using Optimizely.


Is there a way to do this without creating 2 buttons? (first with current functionality and the other one with the modal functionality)



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David_Orr 01-07-16

Re: Angular - Change button funcionality

Hi Lou,


Thank you for your post. I admit that I'm not too familiar with Angular. Are you able to get a developer to provide you with the javascript that can change the functionality that opens up the modal? If you are, you can insert that code in the code editor. Click here for more information on how to access the code editor.


Have you also tried changing the "ng-click" attribute value of the button to a known value that opens up the modal?



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