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Applying a main nav change sitewide

Tash12 01-29-16
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Applying a main nav change sitewide

Hi guys,


I'd like to run a 50/50 test to the text in one of my main nav menu items. This will need to apply site wide as opposed to just one page. Is there a way to apply it side wide in Optimizely without creating a new website with a unique URL and splitting the traffic between the two?




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Joel_Balmer 01-29-16

Re: Applying a main nav change sitewide

Hi Tash12, it looks like you might want to change your Options > URL targeting to 'substring' match type, and enter your domain name there. This means that the visitor will be bucketed I'm the same variation, and so the change will apply, on every page of your site. For details of the different match types check Optimizely's help article on URL Targeting.

I hope that helps!