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Are the changes made permanent?

princeting 01-12-15
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Are the changes made permanent?

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I have no knowledge of javascript or jquery and only basic knowledge of HTML and CSS so if I made changes using Optimizely on my website will those changes stay in effect permanently without me having to edit any of the website's code? 


I'm curious because the benefits page states:


Not a coder? Not a problem.

A visual point and click editor offers a full range of customization, right at your fingertips. Edit text, images, colors, arrangement, and much more with the click of a mouse and instantly launch your new looks.

Revenue now, deploy later

When you find winning variations, you can immediately allocate 100% of your visitors to those variations, until your technical team can deploy those changes to your live site. This means you never have to wait to react to the performance insights your tests uncover, and the results they yield.


The bolded part seems to indicate that I need a web developer to help me edit my website's code in order to make the changes permanent.

JDahlinANF 01-12-15

Re: Are the changes made permanent?

As long as you leave Optimizely running on your site and do not turn off the experiment, users in the winning variation will continue to see the winning design.

Typically, once you determine that a new design is how you want your website to look for everyone, you will want to create a new experiment that contains only an "A" variation that contains the code that makes everyone see the winning design. (If you leave the current experiment running, users in the control group will continue to see the non-winning design.) Once the new experiment is created, pause the original A/B test and activate the new one.

Meanwhile, you should provide the code to your developers so that they can make the new design the default for the website. This will allow a few things:
1- you can discontinue the experiment (or move off of the Optimizely platform altogether) and your winning changes will still be on your site.
2- you can create experiments on the new design to further optimize it.
travisto88 01-12-15

Re: Are the changes made permanent?

Building on that question:


Is there somewhere that we can get the new code with all of the changes? Can we just download the new code somewhere and send it on to our dev team or something?

JDahlinANF 01-12-15

Re: Are the changes made permanent?

Click the "edit code" link at the bottom of the page.

A window will appear that contains the code that modifies your current site into the winning design.


This is not quite the same as providing them the code that *is* the final page, but it allows them to see what needs to be modified so as to create the winning design.