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Audience Settings (Paid Search) doesn't work

chellaikawaii 09-17-16

Audience Settings (Paid Search) doesn't work



We currently have a running experiment that will supposedly apply to Paid Search only.

This is how we setup the audience.


However, for some reason after a user clicks this link and browse on the different links on our site, the user experienced the experiment. (note: this should not meet the condition we set in the Audience Settings).


What do you think caused this issue?


JasonDahlin 09-19-16

Re: Audience Settings (Paid Search) doesn't work

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Hi @chellaikawaii,

You are using "User Comes From Campaign" which is a persistent state for the Custom Audience.

If you want it to affect only the landing pages, you want to use the condition "Query Parameters" with the appropriate name:value pairs/patterns.


From "Audience conditions: Descriptions and examples - Ad Campaign":

 -- Unlike the query parameter condition, the Ad campaign condition is "sticky."

--Jason Dahlin
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