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Audience and Landing Page

ayshen 07-14-16

Audience and Landing Page

Hi there,


I wanted to find out whether I can drive just LinkedIn traffic to the optimizely pages.


What I would like to do is:


Amend our homepage to target PA’s from LinkedIn traffic.


I don’t really want to test the page with the original homepage– I just want to create a variation of the page and drive specific traffic there.


Is that possible?



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Re: Audience and Landing Page

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Yes - it is fairly easy. It depends on what kind of traffic you're driving from LinkedIn though. Is it paid one (and does this paid ads have let's say utm tracking with them?) or it's just simply generic post which you will share in a group or your general profile. If it's the latter, then in the audience targeting you can use referrer URL and place the linkedin one (example).




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