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Audience based on banner impressions

wouter 10-14-16

Audience based on banner impressions

Is it possible to create a cookie or other audience based on banner impressions (on other sites that do not have our optimizely tag)? Can we, for instance, use Optimizely to show modified content to someone that has seen one of our banners on a 3rd party website without clicking on it, and later visits our site through a different medium?  Basically, we want to target people that have seen our banner, doesn't click on it and visits our website later.

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CouchPsycho 10-14-16

Re: Audience based on banner impressions

You can create audiences by checking if a specific cookie is set to a specific value. But keep in mind, that optimizely must be able to read that cookie. This means that the cookie must refer to your site. If the banner can somehow set that cookie, it will work.

To see how to create one of these audiences, see:


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