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Audience conditions not working together

Nicole 03-13-15

Audience conditions not working together

I found some rather interesting behavior when I set audience conditions.


With audiences that have two conditions, (for example a custom tag and custom js) and that I use the "and" Boolean, when I enter preview mode it shows that the experiment does not meet the criteria to fit the audience.


However when I separate the audience conditions into their own individual audiences, the preview mode indicates the experiment meets the criteria to fit both the audiences. Just going by the logic alone, I know this should work, and I am puzzled at what might be causing this issue.

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Amanda 03-17-15

Re: Audience conditions not working together

Hi Nicole.

My best guess here is that when you are previewing you are only meeting 1 of the conditions and not both.

When you created and audience with two conditions using the "And" boolean, the requirement is that *both* of these conditions be met.


When you separate the audiences into their own conditions, you'll see that it targets based on *any* of the audiences being true. So, as long as the visitor falls into at least one audience, the experiment will run.


Does this sound like what might be happening? I attached a screenshot so you can see where it highlights the "Any One" condition. Let me know if you would like some more details. 


I would recommend using a test cookie to QA and preview your experiment. Check out how to do this here


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 5.25.30 PM.png