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Audience specific not working.

KevinR3 12-14-16

Audience specific not working.

I have tried to set up a test that shows my variation to 100 of mobile visitors only. Here is how it was set up.


Pages = Homepage

Audiences = Mobile visitors With conditions of Device using "other mobile phone" 

Metric = overall Revenue



But when testing on phone my button change does not show but it does on desktop why is my audience settings not working is the question. 


I have done it with orginal being set to 0 and variation 100% and also with original set to 10% and varation set to 90% and again still only shows the change on desktop and not mobile with should be the only place it should show. Anyone ever set this up I am using the free version currently. 

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Breana_Eads 12-29-16

Re: Audience specific not working.


When testing the experiment did you use an incognito window?  If not, had you been bucketed previously into the experiment, even if you change the traffic allocation, you will continue to see the variation that you were orginally bucketed into.  Clearing cookies and cache will also reset previous bucketing.

A great tool I use to trouble shoot and QA mobile device views is the User Agent Switcher Extension for chrome.  It alows me to have easy access to the developer tools.  


If you use the JavaScript API call for the log, you can see all the actions Optimizely has taken when loading the page.  Place the code below into the developer console.

    type: "log",
    level: "debug"

This may shed some light on what is causing the problem with your experiment.


Hope this helps.


Breana Eads