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Banner image appearing twice

ScottWalter 04-02-15
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Banner image appearing twice

I'm having an issue with a banner image added appearing twice, no matter what I do it keeps showing the image twice... Even an old experiment I have is showing the image twice but that one used to work and show only once. Any ideas what is causing this? 



JDahlinANF 04-02-15

Re: Banner image appearing twice

Can you link to the page that is afflicted by this?

greg 04-02-15

Re: Banner image appearing twice

What would help is if you can share your experiment code here so we can see what's happening. Otherwise there is very little we can do.

To view the experiment code, open up your experiment and click "Edit Code."
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Amanda 04-02-15

Re: Banner image appearing twice

Yep, just like @greg and @JDahlinANF mentioned, if you can post your URL here with the experiment running or the problematic variation code that would be helpful. 


However there are generally a couple common reasons this could be happening. 

  1. You accidentally have the snippet on the page 2x. I've seen where it's added via a tag manager and in the HTML before. You should confirm the snippet is only loaded once.
  2. Open the edit code in the variation and make sure you don't see the banner image URL in there 2x. You could be duplicating code. 
  3. Finally, make sure you are not accidentally also adding the banner through another, separate experiment that could be overlapping on this page. 

Looking forward to hearing back from you on the additional details! 

ScottWalter 04-06-15

Re: Banner image appearing twice

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to reply and yes, the reason was because the snippet was firing a second time on that page.