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Bucket people based on URL conditions

zenfire 01-16-15

Bucket people based on URL conditions

If I trigger users into an experiment via a query param, how do you make it so that that user persists as they click across the site. 

For example, if I got to
If I immediately go to I should still be in that experiment.
Any ideas? Reading around the site I know it has to do with segmentation, but I'm not sure if that's the best. Also, I can't find the settings for segmentation under the audience settings.
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Aisha 01-16-15

Re: Bucket people based on URL conditions

Hi @zenfire,

Thanks for posting! Yes, you're right that it's possible to create a segment out of an Audience so that that Audience "sticks." However, this is a feature that's currently only available to Enterprise plans. Since you're on a Gold plan, you can use a different method to accomplish the same thing--

What you could do is set a cookie for all visitors in your Experiment Javascript section. Then, in your Audience for the query parameter, you'll want to include an "OR" condition for that cookie. This way, when a visitor first comes to your site with the parameter, they'll be bucketed into the experiment (because they match the query parameter condition), they'll receive the cookie you set, and from that point forward, they'll remain in the test because having the cookie means they'll always satisfy at least part of the Audience condition (namely, the "has this parameter OR has this cookie" part).

Does this make sense? Let me know if you'd like further clarification!


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