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CTA Box/Button Flickering & Preventing User From Typing Email

ashleydelma 08-19-16

CTA Box/Button Flickering & Preventing User From Typing Email



I've set up a test for my site's header which will test the Original CTA button verses Variation 1 CTA button. The Original CTA button and Varation 1 CTA button should lead users through different flows once they put their email addresses in the form box. 


I've added this code to the HTML in the Variation 1 CTA box/button "<input class="overlay_type" name="overlay_type" type="hidden" value="join">" so that once users put in their email the site will lead them to the desired flow. 


The issue I'm running into is that when I QA the test the area for the user to fill in their email address just flickers and doesn't let me type anything into the Variation 1 CTA box/button. As expected, the Orginal CTA button is letting me type in an email address and is leading me to the landing page I want. Is there something wrong with the code I've used for Variation 1? Is there another way to set up this test so that it leads the user through the correct flow? 


Thank you in advance for your help! 



Mario 08-22-16

Re: CTA Box/Button Flickering & Preventing User From Typing Email

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


I'd recommend to debug your variation code and comment out line by line to see which particular change is causing the issue. Alternatively you could just try executing the variation code in the browser console wile using force parameters to check if you see any error messages when executing the code / interacting with the element.


I hope this helps!




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