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Can I add goals to a redirected page?

GL 06-30-16

Can I add goals to a redirected page?


I am testing a homepage vs an alternate version of the homepage which happens to be a redirected page in this case. Can I apply the same click tracking goals to the redirectd page as I am to the original page?


I tried to apply the same the click tracking goals to the redirected page and they do not seem to save or track.



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AllisonR 07-01-16

Re: Can I add goals to a redirected page?

Yes, you can track clicks on the variation page of a redirect experiment. Given your snippet is also installed on the redirect page, you can specify the redirect URL in the Goal Targeting section of the advanced options in the goal set up. This is described in this section of our support article on click goals.


Hope this helps!


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GL 07-01-16

Re: Can I add goals to a redirected page?

Thanks Allison,
I did specify the redirect URL in the goal targeting section. When I looked at the redirected page in my experiment, the page was more opaque and not directly editable. I opened the goals feature and added some saved goals in order to track clicks from certain product images and links, these click tracking goals are also on the "Original" page. I saved the edits. Then I noticed that these click tracking goals were showing results only on the original page and not the redirect URL. Is what I trying to do possible? If yes, how do I apply a goal to for instance, track clicks from a buy now button on a redirect URL?

I do have two goals that are tracking both pages, these goals are "Engagement" and when the user gets to the "Thanks for shopping" page.


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Zsolt 07-03-16

Re: Can I add goals to a redirected page?

You can track with the saved goal if the targeting is the same element or event in both experiments. For example if you have a CTA button in the hero on var A with the class ".ctaButton" and you set up your goal to track this element by its class selector, you need to make sure that var B's CTA button's class is the same as var A (".ctaButton"). Does this make any sense?
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