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Can't create new project

Top 08-04-15

Can't create new project

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Hello, I have just created a free account at optimizely, but I cannot seem to get started.


I am stuck on this page:


Nothing happens when I click the "Web Project" icon (or any of the other icons)


Firebug present me with the following error:

TypeError: n.PlatformDisplayText is undefined

..;{var i=n.PlatformDisplayText.web;if(e===n.Pro...


I have tested in Firefox and Chrome on wndows 8.1 and Safari on IOS.

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tcm2007 08-04-15

Re: Can't create new project

Ditto, running Chrome on Windows 10.

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Amanda 08-04-15

Re: Can't create new project

Thanks for surfacing this. Is this still happening for you? I am going to send this to our Support and Engineering team to look into. 


Re: Can't create new project



I'm a member of the support team at Optimizely, we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. This bug was discovered overnight and a fix for it was deployed earlier this morning. You should now be able to create new projects normally from the Welcome page. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions about what happened here or are still seeing any issues.