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Can't edit a variation

Liky 07-06-16
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Can't edit a variation



I want to setup a new experiment. I have build 2 versions of my homepage. If i add a variation that does a redirect to a new page. But I can not edit the variation. So i can not select elements to setup goals. What i'm doing wrong?


Thanks in advance!


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JasonDahlin 07-06-16

Re: Can't edit a variation

Hi @Liky,


When you set up a redirect experiment, the editor window does not let you click around and select elements to turn into goals.  I don't know why it does this, but an easy workaround is to create a separate experiment with that URL as the editor.  Once created, you can set up your goals using the new expeirment's editor.  Once your goals are set up, you can delete the new experiment and you can add your new goals to the original experiment,


1- set up throw-away experiment using the new page's URL in the editor

2- set up goals using the throw-away experiment

3- attach these new goals to your real experiment

4- delete your throw-away experiment


(steps 3 and 4 can be done in any order.  you may want to keep your throw-away experiment until you have verified that the goals are tracking correctly, in case you need to alter them at all)

--Jason Dahlin
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Liky 07-07-16

Re: Can't edit a variation

Thanks a lot! This solution works fine for me. Strange that you have to use a work around like this.
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