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Can't find live preview

pgfonseca 03-26-15

Can't find live preview

Very simple question, I used to make use of the live preview to share a link with my colleages to discuss ideas, and can't seem to find it anymore. Where is it? 

Re: Can't find live preview

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Hi there!


Thanks for reaching out to the Optiverse. Smiley Happy  


You can select 'Preview mode' from the variation menu.

Here's a great article about previewing and testing experiments. 


If you're still having trouble, please feel free to send over your experiment ID and I'll have a look in case this is a isolated incident that prevents you from accessing Preview mode.


Additionally, I'd love to share my favorite knowledge based articles with you and the community about ways to QA and share your experiments with colleagues before launching the experiment live. Alternatives to Preview mode include forcing the variation or setting a test cookie. Hope this helps!




Amy Herbertson
Customer Success