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Can't get back in Editing mode

gxjansen 09-23-15

Can't get back in Editing mode



When I go to interactive mode, go to a different page and then go back to editing mode, it doesn't work. The slider does go back to Editing mode, but the functionality isn't changing back to editing mode. So when I click a link, it still goes to another page.


Using Chrome 45, same issue in Firefox 40

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Mario 09-23-15

Re: Can't get back in Editing mode

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Optiverse.

The interactive mode is designed to access interactive elements on the particular page e.g. hovering over the navigation bar to reveal a hidden menu layer. Clicking a link and navigating to a different page doesn't work and will break the editor. More information can be found on

If you like to adjust the other page as well you might need to change the URL within the editor settings panel. After refreshing the page the editor will load the new URL.

I hope this helps!

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