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Can't get in touch with customer support?

amandamillwood 02-28-17

Can't get in touch with customer support?



I've run into some issues trying to change an account's owner — to say the least.


After simple changing the e-mail address of our one account, we keep getting either "Something went wrong, email address already exists" or "Something went wrong, you cannot add more collaborators". 


Then, trying to get in touch with customer support I get a "The Optimizely account you are currently logged in to doesn't include online ticket support for our Optimizely Classic or Optimizely X platforms."

So, wait — I need to pay MORE to have customer support? What?

After logging in and out multiple times, I realised that the support (Optiverse?) account system is disconnected from Optimizely. Glossing the fact this doesn't make sense, made sure the e-mail on Optiverse is the same as the current Optimizely — still doesn't work.



robertchan 02-28-17

Re: Can't get in touch with customer support?

Sounds like some sort of glitch, maybe grabbing the attention of Optimizely staff here might work - @Jason-GSell
Robert Chan

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Jason-GSell 02-28-17

Re: Can't get in touch with customer support?

Hi @amandamillwood, I'm sorry that's happening. That is correct that free Starter accounts do not have access to our support team, but I'm sending you a private email to get this resolved as soon as possible. 


Thanks, @robertchan for the mention!



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