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Can't get it to work on Joomla!

sellersbay 06-20-16

Can't get it to work on Joomla!

Hi, I can't see to get this to work on my Joomla! website.  I can see the code in the header of my pages, but when I do a diagnostic test in editing mode I still get the following message.


Almost there! You need to implement the Optimizely code snippet on

Just copy the code below into the <head> tag of your page. For help installing, see our knowledge base.

<script src=""></script>

 Anyone know how to get this to work? 

Mario 06-21-16

Re: Can't get it to work on Joomla!

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


I have checked your website and I can see the snippet within the <head> tag. However, it sound to me like an editor loading issue. Please have a look at following knowledge base article and let me know if it helps!




Sr. Technical Support Engineer
EMEA | Amsterdam