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Can't reach URL?

henrikb 03-24-15

Can't reach URL?

Hi, we've tried to reach this page:


But it doesn't load in the Optimizely interface, we've tried to load mixed content through these instructions:


How can we reach the checkout page? Any ideas?




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Ehsan 03-24-15

Re: Can't reach URL?

Hi Henrik,


The reason this URL is not loading correctly is because the X-frame Options in your HTTP Header is set to 'SAME ORIGIN', which means that Optimizely cannot iFrame the page into our editor.

You will need to change the X-frame Options token to 'ALLOW-FROM' 


Your webdev team should be able to take care of this for you. This blog post provides a bit more detail on X-Frame options and their token values.

Once the adjustment is made, the page should load correctly.  


Hope that helps! And please let me know if you still have issues after the change.