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Can't test experiment

jjacques 10-01-15

Can't test experiment

I've setup 2 experiments. I've pushed them live and there is the optimizely code on all the pages. 


The data shows that there have been 2 visitors so far.


However, if I try to test and see the experiment myself using chrome or safari in Private or Incognito mode, I don't see the actual experiment. I'm not able to test to see if the forms are still working etc.


Is there a reason why I wouldn't be able to see the experiment myself?



Julien Jacques
Level 2

MartijnSch 10-01-15

Re: Can't test experiment

Hi Julien,

Have you tried using the force parameters to make sure that you get a certain variant: this should help you to force a variant for a certain experiment that you'd like to run.