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Cannot edit pages behind login, all instructions followed.

andifragnebenan 10-19-16

Cannot edit pages behind login, all instructions followed.



I've followed all tutorials & troubleshootings for loading pages behind a login / disabling compatibility mode and allowingmixed content in Chrome and Firefox. I am still not successfull.

The Editor still tells me the site is loaded in compatibility mode, and i only get to the login page.

I know that all modern browsers are getting tighter on security and mixed content. Is there an up to date tutorial on how to use optimizely for pages behind a login in chrome?



AllisonR 10-20-16

Re: Cannot edit pages behind login, all instructions followed.

Hi Andi,


If you have run through all the steps in this troubleshooting article and you still cannot load the page, it's possible there's a security setting on your site which is preventing Optimizely from loading it without Compatibility Mode. 


The Editor tries loading your page through HTTP or HTTPS first, but if those timeout the Editor tries loading your page through proxy. Loading through a proxy means that Optimizely will load your page on our proxy server, and host it from there. This will cause your page in the editor to lose the session information that you need here.


If your site has an X-FRAME-OPTIONS header set this will mean that it can't be loaded inside an iframe on another domain (for example, X-FRAME-OPTIONS is a deprecated security feature that has since been replaced by Content Security Policies that allow for fine-grained control over which pages can iframe yours, among many other features. So, if you replace your X-FRAME-OPTIONS header with Content Security Policies, you'll be able to whitelist More information about this is here


With that said, we know the changes above can take some time with your development team, so we have built a Google Chrome Extension that should allow users with x-frame options errors to load their sites in the Optimizely Editor. This works, but obviously isn't ideal for your larger team: every new user will run into the same problem which will make first-time use of Optimizely a bad first experience for them.


Does this help?

Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Optimizely | EMEA