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Change Unique Visitor cookie expiration

pucciodan 07-30-15

Change Unique Visitor cookie expiration

Hi all,

I'm still evaluating your product (Free plan) and until now I have found it very useful and simple to use.

About the unique visitors, I have read that the optimizelyEndUserId and optimizelyBuckets cookies have an expiration time of 10 years.There is a way to change this time? Not necessarily with the free plan, i mean, we are evaluating the opportunity to buy a custom plan.


In addition, if I have two experiment on two different pages of the same website, a new visitor in my website will be considered a Unique visitor in both the experiment if he surfs both the pages. right?


At last, what happens if my free account reach the 50000 unique visitors? I supposed it will stop counting, right?


Thanks in advance,


Amanda 07-30-15

Re: Change Unique Visitor cookie expiration

@pucciodan - I'm so glad to hear you are finding our tool very simple. You are correct in that the default cookie expiration is 10 years. If you wanted to, you could use our JS API to adjust the cookie expiration. Check out this article on our Developers page for more information.


If you have an experiment on 2 different pages of your website, then a unique visitor will be counted in your experiment as soon as he hits the experiment the very first time. By the time he hits the second page, he has already been counted and will not increment the unique visitor count any more. Similarly, if he comes back a week later, the visitor count will still not increment. (Assuming he has not cleared his cookies and is using the same browser etc). 


Finally, if you reach the 50K visitors, your experiments will be automatically paused and no more visitors will see your experiments. If you will need more visitors than 50K per month, I would definitely suggest you look into the customer plans. 


Let me know if you need more information on this! I would be more than happy to help.