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Change time zone on results page

Allie 05-30-14
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Change time zone on results page

The time range on my results page used to be my own time zone, but it's currently set to UTC. Is there a way to change this back? I couldn't find a setting on my account page. 

Allie Jaarsma
Senior Optimization Analyst
Level 2

Amanda 06-02-14

Re: Change time zone on results page

Hi Allie,

The time zone on your results page is determined by your browser's settings, not by a setting within Optimizely. Can you confirm that your system settings and browser settings did not get accidentally set to UTC? You may need to adjust the browser settings to your own time zone and then re-start your browser. The Optimizely results page should update accordingly. Let me know if this does the trick for you, or if you are still having trouble.