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Changes look awful on mobile

zundy 07-24-16

Changes look awful on mobile



I'm having trouble making the changes I make on the desktop version look good on mobile.

Seems like Optimizely doesn't save the changes separately for different devices so it either looks awful on mobile or on desktop, and fixing one hurts the other.

Is there a way to make the variations look good on all devices?

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Reneevl 07-25-16

Re: Changes look awful on mobile

Hi there,


Optimizely will only target specific users if you set up these conditions. For instance if you want to set up an experiment that will include your mobile users you have to set up your audience condition to include mobile visitors. Read more about setting up your audiences here.


If you are optimizing a responsive website you have to use the Code Editor to make CSS changes to a media query.

CSS media queries are used to target your stylesheet to different types of browsers and devices.

If you are not to familar in setting these up here is an acrticle that will help setting up your media queries.


Also when you want to test the content of  your page as it would display to a mobile user.  You can use the Optimizely Editor to do this. Just go to Options > Editor Settings and then select on which device you want to test your content.  Read more about it here.


I hope this helps!





Renée van Leijen
Technical Support Engineer