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Changes to Optimizely X Visitor Attributes (DCP)

evan-weiss 01-24-17

Changes to Optimizely X Visitor Attributes (DCP)

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Today, we deployed a change to the way we display Visitor Attributes in the Optimizely interface.  Read on for details!


Who does this change impact?  

Customers who have a license for Personalization Professional will be impacted by the change.


What is changing?

"Visitor Attributes" currently refers to attributes which are stored in Dynamic Customer Profiles (DCP).  These attributes are configured in Optimizely X via the Implementation > Attributes menu.


Now that we have launched Custom Attributes for Optimizely X, we will be changing the name of Visitor Attributes to External Attributes.  This highlights the fact that these attributes are uploaded from datasources which are external to Optimizely (as opposed to Custom Attributes which are set on your website or in your application using code-level APIs). 


We will also be consolidating the configuration interface for Custom Attributes and External Attributes under the Audiences > Attributes menu. See here for a screenshot.


Why are we making this change?

Now that there are so many different kinds of attributes in Optimizely X, we hope that these changes will differentiate between attributes make it easier for our customers to find the configuration options they're looking for!


Re: Upcoming change to Optimizely X Visitor Attributes (DCP)

A great improvement, I have been waiting for this over 6 months
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