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Changing Currency on a Revenue Track

ringomoss 12-01-14

Changing Currency on a Revenue Track

Hi There,


Is there anyway to change the currency in the dashboards and results to £ from the default $? 





Aisha 12-01-14

Re: Changing Currency on a Revenue Track

Hi Ringomoss,

Thanks for your question! I'm afraid that we currently don't have a way to change the currency symbol in the Results or the dashboard. This would make a great feature request, as I'm sure the ability to change currency symbols would help other users as well. If you're up for it, feel free to post this as a feature request on the "Product Ideas" board.

Also, keep in mind that you can always pass in any numerical value for your revenue goal. So if you need to convert your currency, you would simply do the necessary calculation and pass in the new amount in your revenue code. For example, if you're currently passing in, say, $10 and want to change it to £, you can pass in $15.74 instead.


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MikeP 07-28-15

Re: Changing Currency on a Revenue Track

For international sites, the ideal solution is for Optimizely to support a currency code parameter in conjunction with revenue reporting that would then be converted during data processing back to the prevailing currency code specified at the project level. Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics have offered stable implementations of currency conversion for years now.

There's really no possible work-around for international ARPU (visitor not user), since even if we set the currency code as a dimension with the purchase event, we are left with ARPPU (average revenue per purchasing user) which is great but takes far more time to reach any sort of statistical significance.

Now, you might think that 99% of people viewing an en-US or fr-FR site would be from those locales, but in my experience that is not the case at all. It only takes one revenue conversion in pesos or yen to destroy the entire statistical model.
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DS_2018 04-19-18

Re: Changing Currency on a Revenue Track

being that this is a PERSONALISATION tool you'd think this will be an quick fix, anyone from optimizely care to address this? I have added this as a product idea too,
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