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Click goal doesn't match pageview goal

bb 06-27-16

Click goal doesn't match pageview goal

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So, I am running an experiment where I track clicks on CTA's that lead to the same page, and the number of pageviews of that site.  However, the number of clicks on the CTA's doesn't add up to the number of pageviews on the particular site which I track pageviews on. SC attached to show my problem. 

Pageviews = 18

Sum of CTA clicks = (0+1+10) = 11


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CouchPsycho 06-28-16

Re: Click goal doesn't match pageview goal

So you expect the number of pageviews to be the summed up number of clicks, right?

Is it possible for users to reach the page without clicking on one of the tracked CTAs?

I suppose: yes. Keep in mind, that a goal is met, when a user is part of your experiment and visits the tracked page. He does not necessarily have to click one of the CTAs you mentioned.

Your data says: There are 7 users, which visited the tracked page without having clicked any of the the tracked CTAs.
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