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Click goal for two different elements

Jimmy1985 03-19-15

Click goal for two different elements



Need to track clicks on buttons. I have 4 buttons on the original, and only 1 on my variation. This is a redirect experiment. How do I track such clicks? Following the guide does not help. Is there any advice, because statistics shows only vistis with no clicks?

Perhaps, I need to change this settings


Any information is needed. Thanks!

Re: Click goal for two different elements

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out to the Optiverse! Tracking clicks on a redirect page actually takes a few extra steps to implement. Namely, when setting up the click goal, you can specify which URL's you are tracking clicks on. By default, this will include all pages included in your targeting conditions. Since a redirect is a different URL, you'll need to adjust the Advanced settings when editing the goal. Check out this knowledge-based article for detailed instructions.

Hope this help! Let me know how it works out Smiley Happy


Amy Herbertson
Customer Success