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Click goal selector help

twentworth12 04-28-16

Click goal selector help

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I'm trying to track anyone on this page who downloads my product. I've created a click goal and used the following selector to grab anyone who clicks on the various download links, all contain 'studio-download'. Note that the destination pages don't contain the Optimizely code, so I need to track the clicks. 




It seems this should track clicks to my download pages, but it doesn't seem like it's working. There's probably a much easier selector, but this would the best I could come up with... 


Any help would be appreciated! 

DavidS 04-29-16

Re: Click goal selector help

Hi twentworth12,


Thanks for reaching out!

I have taken a look at your website and it looks like you could use the following selector: 

.windows32, .windows64, .osx, .linux

This will select the four divs that contain download links to your products. You can test it out by opening the Chrome Developer Tools and entering: 

$(".windows32, .windows64, .osx, .linux");

Hope this helps!