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Click goals tracking data loss

mateU 02-19-15

Click goals tracking data loss



Recently I have starded multivariate experiments for mobiles and tablets, but unfortunately although we got visitors there is no goal conversion data in results.

I've checked most common issues:

- snippet is placed on pages

- goals are set up and element tracking confims it in every variation

- there are no dynamic elements



There were GA events snippets added to the buttons.


Could you help me with diagnostics?

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Joel_Balmer 02-20-15

Re: Click goals tracking data loss

Hi there!


It sounds like you've taken steps to set things up correctly. From my experience it's always good to double check key parts of the experiment setup (such as audience, traffic allocation and URL targeting). 


Once you've checked these, you can move on to previewing the experiment live - check out our article on your pre-launch check list, here.


Then, you can debug the goal actually firing. Please check our article on the techniques we use to do this, here - If you're using force query parameter method of previewing, you'll need to add to this query parameter to your URL:



Obviously you'll need to match all audience conditions, so you'll need to emulate the correct mobile device in google chrome to match your audience if you've only included iPhones for example.


Once youv'e been bucketed, if everything looks to be firing correctly OK, you should be able to see the results coming in to your results page.


So that's the general process!


If you have any more details on where this process breaks down for you, feel free to include more details - hopefully one of us here on the community can help you!