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Combining two multivariate tests, set up clickt targets

hwiebe 06-02-14

Combining two multivariate tests, set up clickt targets

Hello everyone,


I have the following task:


On my homepage, I test 4 different teasers (1 test, 4 variations). Let's call them teaser A, B, C and D. They all lead to a landingpage, where 4 different buttons (button 1, button 2, button 3, button 4) are being displayd. The landingpage is a multivariate test of its own.


Now I wonder how I could set up my click goals.


Of course I need to know, which button the user clicked who came from teaser A from my homepage.


So, as a result I would like to see something like


User came via teaser A

- click on button 1: 35

- click on button 2: 250

- click on button 3: 99

- click on button 4: 0


User came via teaser B

- click on button 1: 5

- click on button 2: 400

- click on button 3: 4

- click on button 4: 10


... and so on.



Any suggestions how to achieve that?


Many thanks, cheers






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wlittlewood 06-03-14

Re: Combining two multivariate tests, set up clickt targets

Hi Holger,


Interesting question!  The most accurate way to track this would be to create a multi-page test with 16 variations that would cover all of your possible combinations from Homepage to Landing page.   However, you will need quite a bit of traffic in order to get actionable results.  (Check out this article for more details on how to figure out how much traffic you would need.)


An easier option might be to start with a 4 variation multi-page test.  Try identifying 2 teasers and 2 buttons and then combining into 4 variations.  You could follow up by testing the other combinations in the same way and hopefully this would allow you to get actionable results in a reasonable amount of time with less complexity overall.  Although it’s tempting to get all the answers at once it can be more effective to run a series of iterative tests.


Good luck!