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Completed Order Goal - Underreporting

brandonpindulic 10-27-15

Completed Order Goal - Underreporting



We've been using Optimizely for almost a year and up until last week we've been tracking completed orders using the completed order pixel as a goal for multiple variation tests with no problems.


Just this week we started running into a problem where completed orders recorded in Optimizely are far under completed orders on the site.  We are currently running 3 tests on different steps of our purchase funnel with 100% allocation of visitors.


Any help to identify why completed orders are being undercounted in these test would be great!


Thank you,


Re: Completed Order Goal - Underreporting

Hi Kyle,

How have you QAed this thus far? Have you ensured that all goals are properly triggering?

Here is an article that details how you can do that:

Additionally, is the experiment live on every page of the funnel or is it perhaps failing a targeting condition? Have you pushed the Optimizely log to find out?

Looking forward to your reply.

Amy Herbertson
Customer Success