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Complex radio button changes with Optimizely

OptimizePrime 08-23-16

Complex radio button changes with Optimizely

Hi Optiverse. I'm trying to do a test with Optimizely to change 2 "Yes" / "No" radio buttons to provide 3 "Weekly" / "Monthly" / "No thanks" options. When I use the WYSIWYG editor to do this I can duplicate the "No" radio button to provide 3 options fine, and can also change the text of all 3 options. However, as soon as someone clicks any of the options it changes back to the "Yes" / "No".


Does anyone have any ideas how I could use something more advanced to stop this happening? I've tried going into interactive mode and putting code changes for the checked and unchecked state of the radio button, but that still doesn't seem to stop it reverting back to the "Yes" / "No" control text and pattern as soon as it's interacted with. Thanks for any help you can offer - my background isn't technical but really need this test to work so trying anything I can do! Smiley Happy

CouchPsycho 08-23-16

Re: Complex radio button changes with Optimizely


i suppose you will have to use the editor, but without seeing your current site/page it is hard to say. Can you provide a link?

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ps: Your nick name is awesome :-)

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Re: Complex radio button changes with Optimizely

Thanks Michael - it ended up being a problem with how the radio buttons had been developed that needed a development fix.