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Cookie Audience bucketing does not work with IP block?

SoleBatura 01-26-15

Cookie Audience bucketing does not work with IP block?



I have a question about preview-testing an experiment with cookies and IP block. If we don't force the variation in the preview, we cannot see the experiment even if we have the cookie. Maybe that is because we have our internal IPs blocked:


Unfortunately we cannot disable IP blocking (not even for testing) as we have many employees working with the live site which has huge effects on the data.


I think the cookie setting works, so it must come from the blocking. what do you think about it?

Is there any way to ignore IP block while previewing the experiment?


We have one of the old "Gold" plans atm. I saw that the new Enterprise plan has a feature for IP based audiences... but is there another way to achieve this (or is it even possible with the enterprise feature?)...


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Joel_Balmer 01-27-15

Re: Cookie Audience bucketing does not work with IP block?

Hi Christian!


Am I right in thinking that you've entered the IP addresses into 'Home > Project Settings > IP filtering'? If so, this doesn't block anyone from seeing an experiment, but removes these IP's results from the results page. If you do use other internal IP blocking in your site, and this is blocking you from seeing your experiment in preview, removing this and keeping the IP filtered IPs in the project settings will still remove your data from the results page.


If you're still interested in IP targeting as an audience, yes this is a default audience condition as part of the enterprise plan. If you're looking to create a similar condition yourself, you may have to create a custom javascript audience condition to grab the IP address. This post might be useful, here. (please note that audience conditions are 'blocking', which is not ideal if you have to wait for data - you may want to only run the Optimizely snippet once the IP address is available, perhaps stored as a variable on your site).


I hope some of that information is useful!

SoleBatura 02-03-15

Re: Cookie Audience bucketing does not work with IP block?

Thank you for the clear answer, so now I have another question.

What would happen, lets say if I removed the IPs from the "exclude traffic from these IP addresses" option, test a new experiment with it and get tracked myself; and than re-enter the IP block after testing? Will Optimizely retroactively filter out the unwanted IP traffic each time I change the IP settings?

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Christian Oellers
Joel_Balmer 02-03-15

Re: Cookie Audience bucketing does not work with IP block?

Hi Christian,


Yes the IP Filtering feature will go through your result data events and exclude events that match the IP address. This is because Optimizely tracks the IP Address with every event. The same process is carried out for adding pageview goals retroactively. You can read about this process more, here.


I hope that helps!