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CrazyEgg Snapshots Not Showing Variaton

Spike 05-05-16

CrazyEgg Snapshots Not Showing Variaton

Hi, we have integrated Crazyegg with optimizely and are having the following problem for a couple of tests - The variation being pushed to Crazy egg is showing the original and not the variation. I.E, the Crazy Egg Screen shots for both Variation and Original are identical and are the original - Note, the click data on the heatmap is the different, but the actual image of the web page being displayed is the same on both variation and original.
Any ideas on what is wrong?

Variation and Original Screenshot the same.png

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DavidS 05-06-16

Re: CrazyEgg Snapshots Not Showing Variaton

Hi Spike,


I understand that you are having an issue with seeing the changes you have made on your page reflect within CrazyEgg.


Currently we have no way to tell CrazyEgg to regenerate the snapshots when you make edits to a page. This is likely why you are experiencing an issue:

  • The CrazyEgg snapshot was taken when the experiment was first run
  • Now new changes have been made to the page
  • We have no way to communicate these changes to CrazyEgg, hence why the snapshots didn't re-generate and CrazyEgg keeps showing the unchanged version.

Currently the only way to safely re-generate snapshots and collect data in CrazyEgg is to pause, duplicate and re-run the experiment. I know this may seem like a setback but this will force CrazyEgg to record again new snapshots.


You did mention that the issue you were having affecting a couple of tests. Do you think the scenario that I described above could have happened to these tests? 


Let's get to the bottom of this!




Spike 05-06-16

Re: CrazyEgg Snapshots Not Showing Variaton

I don't think so as some of these snapshots were not regenerated from a change to the test, its the original test pushing the first set of snap shots to crazy egg that in some cases is causing the problem.


Would setting the snapshots up manually  using the force parameter URL work?



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Re: CrazyEgg Snapshots Not Showing Variaton

I David,
I've had the same problem but it happen when I launched the original test and for some reason variation is the same as the original. Why?