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Crazyegg snapshots issue

locallaghan 03-30-16

Crazyegg snapshots issue

I have set up the crazyegg integration on my experiment and it created the snapshots for the original and each variation, however they are displaying the original page in all three snapshots. HAs anyone else experienced this or know how to fix?

DavidS 03-31-16

Re: Crazyegg snapshots issue

Hi locallaghan,


Thanks for reaching out!

I understand that you have integrated Optimizely with CrazyEgg and that all snapshots are displaying the original page. 


Could you send over a screenshot of what you are seeing in the Crazy Egg interface at the moment, specifically the URLs that are being loaded? Generally speaking the one setting that could interfere with Crazy Egg's integration is disabling the Optimizely Force Parameter which Crazy Egg relies on to show the variation.



Let's get to the bottom of this!