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Cross Device variation - is this possible?

mattbgch 08-10-16

Cross Device variation - is this possible?



Is there a way we can bucket a single user into seeing a specific variation but across different devices? 

I can't think of a way of doing this. We would like to display a different pricing structure 'subscription' vs 'full price'  to a variation and in order to avoid confusion would like the same customers to see the same variation on all devices ( desktop, mobile) In addition we have no way that I can think of to track these users across devices as we do not ask them to login to see these variations. Any thoughts, is this even possible? 

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JasonDahlin 08-11-16

Re: Cross Device variation - is this possible?

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Authenticated users have a unique ID associated with them... this ID is probably in a cookie.

Presuming the ID is all numbers and is, effectively, randomly determined... (this approach also works if it has letters, it's just easier to visualize if we talk of it being all numbers)


You could write code that manually activates (or use a Custom Audience) Experiment A for users with an ID that ends in an odd number and activates Experiment B for users with an ID that ends in an even number.

By placing these in separate Optimizely Experiments you would not be able to use the built in dashboarding.


For each experiment you do this for, you want to use a different "randomizer" for your groups.  Like "odd vs even", "0-4 vs 5-9", etc.  You would not want the same users to *always* get control and other users to *always* get the experiment - you gotta mix them up differently each time.

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mattbgch 08-23-16

Re: Cross Device variation - is this possible?

Hi Jason,

Amazing thanks for this, will look into this implementation.

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