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Css Experiment affects the original page

YulianSha 04-13-15
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Css Experiment affects the original page

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Experiment CSS is executed across all variations of the experiment, including the original


Does somebody know what this means? I used "Experiment CSS" to change the background image of the banner of a responsive website. But when I click on "Apply" I get this notification. I want to A/B test the original page against the page with the new CSS. Now I'm affraid that the CSS of the original page has also changed. Can somebody help me out?

td_evans 04-13-15

Re: Css Experiment affects the original page

Basically the CSS you write in this section affects the original, and any other variant you create. So if the element also appears on original, the chances are you've added CSS which affects that too.


I suggest you use the editor to add a class onto the body of your variant, and use that as the highest level selector when using the experiment CSS option.

Thomas Evans
Technical Product Manager - Conversion @ Secret Escapes

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Ehsan 04-14-15

Re: Css Experiment affects the original page

To build off of what Thomas said, you will have to make the change in the Edit Code box, which is at the variation level, as opposed to the Experiment CSS which is at the experiment level (and applies to all variations).


Experiment CSS would be ideal when you want to define styles that will be used in all variations, but the Edit Code box is where you uniquely utilize those styles for the specific variation.


There is a great post here by one of our Solution Architects about how to change the background image in the edit code box.


Check it out and let us know if you have any follow up questions!