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Delay for run changes

Amin-msg 11-11-17

Delay for run changes

I'm running a test on, I have a problem in showing the variant. my old section loaded and then remove that and replace the new section. I want to run the test before page load. it has a bad experience for the user. how can I fix that?

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pbs 11-13-17

Re: Delay for run changes

Hi @Amin-msg

We have different solutions you can use to fix timing issues, including using our Utils API to wait for certain elements: please see our knowledge base on fixing timing issues. Best, Patricia

JasonDahlin 11-13-17

Re: Delay for run changes

@pbs- looks like the hyperlink behind "fixing timing issues" was vanquished, it's just blue underlined text. Smiley Sad


@Amin-msg- if none of the technical solutions are available to you, try injecting CSS that hides the section so that it loads invisible to the user, then when the variation code runs, inject CSS that makes it visible again.  With this approach, the user will not see it change from default and may just think it is lazy-loaded content.

--Jason Dahlin
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pbs 11-14-17

Re: Delay for run changes