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Different Domains in Tracking Code

lthouse 07-25-16

Different Domains in Tracking Code

I've never seen this happen before. I put up a new test and went to use the Diagnostic Report. I'm seeing an error that says "The Optimizely code snippet uses the wrong ID". The number it gives is the one I'm using.


I've done View Source on the original page from our server and I can see my snippet and it matches what is in the Diagnostic Report. I've cleared the cache on our server but the issue remains.


If I look at the Optimizelt version, it's calling // and not // I think the domain difference is the source of my problem.


Is there a way to force Optimizely to clear its cache? I tried shift refresh in the browser but that didn't work.


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Reneevl 07-27-16

Re: Different Domains in Tracking Code

Hi there,


I am not clear on what you are referring to with: calling // in the Optimizely version. Could you perhaps explain what you mean by this?


However when you can verify the snippet on your page matches the snippet of the project your experiment exsists in, your experiment should be able to run on your page.

Read more about checking if the correct snippet is on your page here and this article will walk you through testing if your experiment is set up correctly.


I hope this helps!



Renée van Leijen
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lthouse 08-02-16

Re: Different Domains in Tracking Code

Hmmm...not sure why the response I typed last week doesn't show. Bottom line is this problem cleared up the next day. I was seeing the // when I previewed the the test and then did View Source. Once the amazonaws version cleared, the test did validate.
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