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Does Optimizely support International Testing?

teachco 08-25-16

Does Optimizely support International Testing?

We currently have the 'Enterprise - Professional' Optimizely plan and we are wanting to begin some international testing in the near future.  Does Optimizely support international testing and if so, is it included with all plans, specific plans, etc.?  Or are there any additional costs associated with international testing?



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Reneevl 08-29-16

Re: Does Optimizely support International Testing?

Hi there,

I am not sure what you mean by international testing but Optimizely can be run on any domain anywhere in the world. As long as the snippet is present on the page Optimizely can be used and executed, this applies to all plan types.
The difference between plan types is more related to what and how you can test and not where.
For instance on a Starter plan you can't have a Multi-page (Funnel) Experiment on a Enterprise plan you can have a Multi-page (Funnel) Experiment.
Read more about the differences between plan types here:,_upgrading,_and_downgrading.

Does this make sense?

Renée van Leijen
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AshK 08-29-16

Re: Does Optimizely support International Testing?

HI Teachco,


I work for a Conversion Optimization Agency. Many of our clients test on multiple websites in different countries without any issues using the 'Enterprise - Professional' plan.

As Renée says below, as long as you have the snippet on the pages, you can test. Quick question:

  • How were you limiting the testing to your country only? (before International testing)

The reason I'm asking is if you have different domains, then it requires some thought on how you are setting it up to test on them.




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