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Does high/low traffic affect Optimizely loading?

Tammy 01-14-15

Does high/low traffic affect Optimizely loading?



It is a question from my client.


Is there any possibility that traffic affects Optimizely loading?

Something like, loading experiment might become slower when it is on high traffic website?


Thank you,


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Joel_Balmer 01-14-15

Re: Does high/low traffic affect Optimizely loading?

Hi Tammy!


To answer your question, we have many many clients high traffic websites and the Optimizely load is not any slower because of this, but the site's page load time or visitor's internet connection can affect load time.


Optimizely works on a visitor level - someone visits your site, the Optimizely snippet is loaded, and then Optimizely executes. As I mentioned before, load time can be increased by poor connection or your site's load time. However, if the snippet is large this can also increase load time, but there are a number of tactics that can reduce snippet size. Take a look at this post, here.


You may be interested in some more of our articles, such as this, here, and our blog post that explains how we achieve fast load times through our CDN, here.


I hope that information was useful!