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Does one user always see the same variation

bsmeenk 03-28-17
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Does one user always see the same variation

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I am running an experiment where a button links to two different location. How is determined when people see button link A or button link B. I mean if someone browses the website, gets button link A, but later again (within the same session) clicks the button is it possible that he then gets button link B. Or does the choosen test sticks into cookies to make sure someone always see the same result? Because it would be very confusing if someone first sees A and then sees B.


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tomfuertes 03-28-17

Re: Does one user always see the same variation

The same user will see the same variation as long as an experiment is running. If you pause the experiment no code will run. If you play the experiment again visitors will still see the same experience they were bucketed into when the experiment was originally running.

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