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Donate pages breaking when testing

Becj 05-18-17

Donate pages breaking when testing

We've run a couple of very simple tests on Optimzely on our donation pages and for some reason they are breaking. People can't make the donation, or choose a dollar handle.

Any ideas why?

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RyanC 05-18-17

Re: Donate pages breaking when testing

Could it be that your HTML code has a missing close tag?
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JasonDahlin 05-19-17

Re: Donate pages breaking when testing

Without seeing the experiment in action or any other information about what you are doing to the form, it is diffiult to give any specific guidance on why interacting with elements would break. 


The most common error I see with forms that break after adding an experiment to them is that the code you are using is injecting the "secret key" from your editor's session into the form.  Since the secret key is unique to each user's session (and typically, unique to each instance of the form), changing the secret key creates an invalid form that the server will reject.  This will usually represent itself by the web server returning an error when it performs its validation.


--Jason Dahlin
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